Paint Correction

EST. TIME: 8 hours- 2 days
This is our most comprehensive paint correction package.  This package is similar to our Exterior Detail but features a more intensive 3-stage corrective buff & polish.  This is a big improvement from the single stage Exterior Detail as it completely removes all imperfections (swirls, holograms, etc) in the paint and brings back a deep, glossy finish to your vehicle. Included in the paint correction detail, we seal the vehicle’s newly corrected paint with our premium Carnuba Wax.  The end result will last 4-5 months, depending on vehicle storage, maintenance, weather and mileage.beforeandafter- color sand and machine buff

Want your newly corrected paint to last longer?  Add on a paint protection package which includes a ceramic-based paint sealant that lasts 8-12 months.


  • Foam Soap Bath
  • Hand Wash
  • Clay bar all surfaces to remove surface contaminates
  • Tape off all moldings
  • If needed, Color Sand (1,000 grit, 1,500 grit, 3,000 grit, 5,000 grit)*
  • High Speed buffing (4 stages)
  • Premium Hand Wax

**Color sand is dependent upon condition of vehicle’s paint.  Only used when paint has severe/deep scratches.